Student Housing

Resources & Policies

Important Dates

  • July 15, 2022 – Fall Rent Due
  • Aug 11, 2022 – Move In
  • Dec 11 – Jan 7 – Winter Break:  Students must vacate property
  • Dec 15, 2022 – Spring Rent Due
  • Jan 7, 2023 – Move In
  • May 8, 2023 – Move out Deadline

Inspection Report

  • Download or print a copy of our standard inspection report.


  • A copy of the lease will be sent to you to e-sign when you’re ready to reserve your property, but if you’d like to review it in advance, you can download a copy of our standard lease here.

Existing Tenants

Manage your Renter Account

We utilize a service called Rentroom to manage our tenants’ accounts.  Through Rentroom you can pay your bill online*, view account status and view payment history.  This service is available through the web and through a handy mobile app.  If you have trouble with the Rentroom service, please review the FAQs document.

*please note that there is a $5.00 service fee to pay your bill through this service. 

Financial Aid Links

Move In/Out Procedures

Move In Procedures

Below is some helpful information for move-in weekend and reminders for living off campus with us!

  • Move-in weekend begins the Thursday before classes start!
  • Our office will be open 8:30am – 4:30pm Thursday & Friday and you may come into the office to pick up your key.
    • You may schedule a time with the office to pick up your key if you won’t be in town by 4:30pm on Friday.
  • Saturday the office will be open 10am – 3pm for key pick up.
  • Sunday will be by appointment only, so be sure to let our office know if you need to come pick up your key. 
  • All of our units have private locking doors. You will receive one key, this key will work for the main doors to your house/apartment, and whichever bedroom you choose. 
  • Bedroom choice is first come first serve basis. We do not assign rooms. 
  • Any unpaid security deposits MUST be paid BEFORE you will be permitted to move in and receive a key.
  • Fall rent is due by Mid July. If your fall semester will not be paid by then because of financial aid refunds and/or loan processing, you NEED to be sure that you have notified the office for an extension on your rent due date. 
    • Spring rent is due Mid December, same applies with financial aid – let us know for an extension on rent due date. 
    • You must show proof of funds for Financial Aid PRIOR to move in to receive your house key if you are using loans to pay rent
  • If you are not sure who to make your rent check out to – PLEASE ASK!! Checks not made out correctly will not be accepted.
  • Rent should be mailed or delivered to the office, if no one is there please put it in the after hours drop box in an envelope with your name on it.
    • PLEASE no cash via mail
    • Ask about our electronic payment options available! 
  • The condition inspection report you will receive upon move in must be filled out and returned to the office within 10 days. 
  • Trash pick up varies by year – we will let you know what day of the week that will be when you pick up your key. 
    • Please bag trash appropriately and break down cardboard boxes or they will not be taken.
  • Mini fridge is permitted – charge is $50 per semester per tenant.
  • Each tenant is allowed one AC unit for free – any additional unit after one per tenant, will be $25 per AC per semester.
    • If you bring an AC and need to remove the screen in your window(s), you must keep track of it, or you will be charged for a replacement if the screen is lost or damaged. 
  • The monthly utility cap will be enforced – anything over this amount (cap is dependent on house) will be charged to the house, so please conserve energy when possible (AC’s & lights should be off when not home).
  • Quarterly water cap will also be enforced (cap is dependent on house) so anything over the amount will be charged to the house. So please keep us informed if you have any water leaking or water issues!
    • If you are not sure what your cap is for either – please check with the office! 
  • If you will be receiving mail at the house, put your names on the card in the mailbox to ensure proper mail delivery. If no names are on the mailbox, the mail may not get delivered to you. 
  • For safety: remember to keep your windows and doors locked at night, and when no one is home! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at any time!!!


Move Out Procedures

Information to help with your move out process

  • All tenants must have their house/apartment cleaned and be moved out by the end of the day the Sunday AFTER finals are complete. If you are not moved out, you will be charged a holdover fee until you are out of the property.
    • If you are graduating the next weekend we prefer you still move out, but if you wish to reside for the week please contact our office directly. 
  • If your home address has changed, PLEASE update our office with the correct mailing address. 
  • If your current address is your student house/apartment, make sure to contact the post office with your new forwarding address to ensure uninterrupted mail delivery.
  • Your house/property was clean when you moved in, please make sure it is clean when you move out!!! THIS INCLUDES THE OUTSIDE AREAS.
    • Pick up cigarette buts and trash outside – this includes any front or back porch areas.
    • Do not leave tires, oil, or car parts in the parking area of the property
  • Bag all trash and take outside to the proper trash container, do not just throw trash on the ground by the container. Boxes should be broken down and stacked next to the garbage container.
  • Sweep and mop all floors.
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards.
  • Clean all areas of the bathroom – toilet, sink, shower, etc.
  • Clean out your refrigerator/freezer, wipe down inside and out and unplug.
  • Clean/wipe down inside and out of stove/oven
  • Have your rugs shampooed professionally. 
    • A receipt must be provided. If there is no receipt, we will assume carpets were not professionally cleaned. 
  • If you brought it with you, take it with you. We do not want your personal belongings and/or furniture. 
  • You can take any unwanted large furniture items to the dump located at 1475 W 3rd Street, Williamsport.
  • You will be charged a disposal fee for any furniture/large items left. This includes beds, couches, tables, chairs, desks, etc. 
    • If you are leaving good condition furniture for new tenants moving in make sure our office is aware of this, or you will be charged for disposal. 
    • If any furniture was given to you by our office or previous tenants, it is not yours and your responsibility to remove it from the property, check with the office if you are not sure or have questions.
  • If an item belongs in the apartment, do not take it. 
  • You must place key(s) in the envelope provided for move out and drop it off at the office. 
    • If no one is in the office, put envelopes in the after hours drop box.
    • If you do not turn in your keys or turn in the correct key, your security deposit will be charged. 
    • Use the envelope provided or be sure to label another envelope or bag so we know who the key belongs to.
    • Your security deposit and charges will be assessed once every tenant has moved out and returned their keys. 

    Maintenance Request

    Things happen.  Stuff breaks.  We’ll fix it.  If you have problem with your off-campus student housing.  Use this form to report it.